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Ten Advantages of LED Light Source


1. Solid-state LED, stable brightness: do not need to emit light through filament heating, will not deteriorate over time.
The rated luminous life of mercury lamp is only 10,000 hours, while the rated luminous life of mercury lamp is 50,000 hours.
3. Immediate luminescence, the whole screen control speed is fast: unlike the arc lamp, the LED does not need a period of start-up time to achieve full brightness.
4. No electric color wheel: The ability of telling on/off of LED means that red, green and blue LED can be sorted quickly through DLP chip and projection lens to reduce the defect of visible color sorting.
5. Bright and customizable colours: their chromatographic characteristics and colour range are much larger than those of traditional systems based on color wheel. LED can greatly exceed the requirements of EBU standard, color performance can be easily controlled, and best meet the application requirements.
6. Extensive brightness control: Mercury lamp can only adjust brightness in the range of 1-25%. LED high-speed can achieve frame-by-frame brightness adjustment, without the use of mechanical aperture to adjust brightness.
7. True maintenance-free: DLP back-projection splicing wall has been the most fatal weakness compared with LCD splicing wall. With the use of LED backlight, the back-projection splicing wall no longer needs maintenance because it does not need color wheel and mercury lamp plus super-long life.
8. The controllability of light source and the uniformity of the whole screen are better. Because of the digital control, the color temperature is constant and the uniformity of the whole screen is better guaranteed.
9. More green environmental protection: LED does not contain dangerous substances used in traditional light bulb technology.
10. Energy-saving and low noise: Because of the low power consumption and low calorific value of LED, the requirement of heat dissipation device for splicing wall is also low, so the noise is smaller.

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